Stunning aerial views captured like never before.

Show off a beautiful property with aerial photography. We’ll capture the best angles to make the house look it’s best and let the property to shine. We are one of a few FAA certified Drone Operators. Don’t be fooled by hobbyists!

Virtual Reality at Your Fingertips.

Our 360 degree pictures are great on any device. Easily embed the virtual reality viewer on any website, or we’ll set up a link you can use to share them. Let people explore the room with virtual reality and increase interest in your property. Virtual reality is the future of real estate photography!

Smart photography, making you look good.

We use the top of the line equipment and technology.  With our digital photography, we can  adjust the color, clarity and even edit out some of the items in the photo that you don’t want. We’ll use our wide angle lens to get the most out of small rooms.

Front View
Wide Angle Lens
Interior Shots
Full Color Sales Flyers.
Open House? Done.

We’re expert designers, and we know how to make a property look great. We can seamlessly incorporate your brand colors and logo, so you look like the hero! Many of our packages include design and full color printing: We don’t just take pretty photos, we put them to work!

Available as part of the platinum package or may be purchased separately.

You’ve got all the goods, lets bring it all together.

Make it easy for prospective buyers to find and share information about your property. No medium is as accessible as a website. We can incorporate your brand colors and logo. Show photo stills, 360 virtual reality photos and aerial photography with the information buyers need, all in one place.

Available as part of the Platinum Package, Commercial Package, or separately.

Other Services

Property Marketers is a division of KōHN Creative, a full-service graphic design and marketing firm dedicated to making your business look good and succeed.



In-House Printing

Digital Services & SEO

Photohawx is a service offered by Property Marketers. We are FAA certified drone operators and have a license to fly commercially. Our team can talk to you about flying restrictions and walk you through planning the shoot. Photohawx services are included in all of our premium packages, but can do so much more than aerial for real estate. We can create videos for your website, fly overs for golf courses and neighborhood developments, film events and more!

Property Marketers Basic Packages


Still Photos

Front & Interior Photos


Photos + VR

Front & Interior Photos and 360 Photos


Photos + VR + Prints

Photos, 360 Photos and Professional Flyers

We are located in the Baltimore/Central Maryland area. Some fees may apply for further locations. Please call for more information. 410.840.3805.

Premium Packages




  • Shots of up to 10 Rooms
  • Ground Shot from Front
  • 360 VR images of 2 Rooms
  • Drone Still-Photo of Property
  • Digital Drop Off




  • Shots of up to 10 Rooms
  • Ground Shot from Front
  • 360 VR images of 3 Rooms
  • Drone Still-Photo of Property
  • Micro-Website
  • Digital Drop Off




  • Shots of all Major Areas
  • Ground Shot from Front
  • 360 VR images of Major Rooms
  • Drone Still-Photo of Property
  • Micro-Website
  • Flyer Creation (Print 1000, Full Color)
  • Send Visually Enhanced Email Blast to Your List