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Easily share properties digitally with a micro-website.

Now you can easily share properties on social media, by email with the ease of a digital medium. This package includes a micro-website that lets you digitally display and share information and photos of a real estate property!

Real Estate Photography, Aerial Photography and Virtual Reality all bundled together for a great price.

Imagine, not having to go to the location one more time just to take images.  We use the top of the line equipment and technology. Give your prospective buyers an interactive experience with a 360 photo in virtual reality viewer. Our 360 degree camera captures an entire room in an instant. Our photography also allows for digital correction!

Here is what you get

  • 10 interior shots. Any rooms that you request. We’ll use our wide angle lens to get the most out of small rooms.
  • 3 virtual reality shots with our 360 camera. Any rooms you request.
  • 1 exterior shot. A clean shot of the front of the location.  We’ll set up the shot to get the best image.
  • 1 aerial still shot using our drone. Show off pools, gardens, or a great lawn.
  • A micro-website that will make sharing information about your property a breeze.

Gold Package – $749

We are located in the Baltimore/Central Maryland area. Some fees may apply for further locations. Please call for more information. 410.840.3805.

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